Flying Wedding Veil

$135.00 USD


Product Description


Experience your dream wedding with the new Flying Wedding Veil!

Flying wedding veils are a trend, and we're offering brides the chance to experience a fairytale wedding with this new Flying Wedding Veil.

The veils run along a track attached to the ceiling.
The bride stands in a designated spot, and the veil will gracefully fall on her.

What’s In The Box
Box Engine
220V Power Adapter
2.8meters Lace Veil
Wireless Remote Control
Strings & Rings


Install & Set Up

- Place the main box engine between 2.5 meters and 4 meters height from the ground.
- Plug in the power adaptor at the back and use the remote control to turn it on to make sure it works.
- Cut two 1.5 meter long strings. 
- Fasten one end of the string to the small ring and the other end to the veil. Do this for both of the strings. Tie each of them with three knots for better strength.
- Pull out the two strings inside the machine and fasten them to the small rings (3 knots).
- Place the bride 2.5 meters from the main box engine.
- Press the button on the wireless remote control and the engine will pull the veil back.
- When the small rings touch the engine box, the strings will be automatically cut off and the veil will land on the bride’s head.

The new flying wedding veils is a fun and romantic creation for the best wedding entrance.
How far would you go for it?

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