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For #trendmakers. By #trendmakers.

WhatsMODE is a social platform on which today’s online celebrities, known as influencers, or K.O.L.s (Key Opinion Leaders) can create and sell their brands.

At WhatsMODE, we embrace pluralism. Branding is determined by more than just one player, it’s determined by all. In our interconnected world of social media interactive retailing - everybody matters, and gets involved.

We understand that brands are more than just a billboard, they are statements of community and cultural connection. We build bridgesto help you; the #trendmakers, create these community brands.

With WhatsMODE, you can enjoy a world of specially-made attire by Influencers, whose personalities, and interactions with followers breathe life into the fashions they create.

Consumer Actors

We’ve evolved. Our attitude to branding has too.

We’re active consumers, led by influencers. These social media giants are the big personalities channeling our opinions, making them an incredibly powerful mouthpiece.

It’s through the use of influencers, that we are now more self-aware and expressivethrough the things we purchase. They are able to represent a generation of people who demand more say in the creation of the products they buy. It’s time for us to be more than simple consumers. We want to be makers.

Our opinions make a direct impact on the products we purchase. Through the power of influencers, we become the actors.

Influencer K.O.L.s

The dynamics between us and our most beloved celebrities are greater than ever.

Key Opinion Leaders (K.O.L.s) are much more than regular celebrities. These influencers speak volumes to their masses of followers across the world, and have the ability to change our attitudes as to what brands we buy.

That’s because these K.O.L.s use a different kind of influence. Fueled by social media, their profiles are built around communication with followers, giving them that extra bit of credibility. Communication is key to these strong connections.

KOLs have mastered this.

Community Branding

We see brands as an extension of ourselves. And as consumer actors, we play an active role in their development, allowing us love them even more.

Through constant interaction with followers, influencers create fashion that is more in-line with what people want. Collections are constantly updated to match followers’ suggestions and expectations. Thus, it evolves alongside us, growing alongside our changing opinions and desires, and all the while growing stronger in loyalty.

This is a community brand, a more intelligent class of branding, where the power is placed back into the hands, hearts, and minds of the followers.

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